3 Reasons to wear midi dresses – my favourite picks of the season

EN • As temperatures are rising, I’m happy to wear all my dresses again. After a long winter (and in my opinion winter is always way too long) I can’t wait to get back to all the fun summer activities.…
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The Blue and White Outfit: 2019 Edition

EN • Last weekend I wore this blue and white outfit and when I was about to post it, I realised, that it was not the first time I chose this color combination. In fact, I seem to wear blue and…
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Sri Lanka Travel Guide: places you need to see

EN • Grab your bags, we hit the road! In Sri Lanka! Sometimes this beautiful country is called “little India”. I’ve heard people say that it is as beautiful as India but less crowded. To me Sri Lanka is THE…
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Mystery solved: What’s in my bucket bag

EN • Small bags are trending now! Of course, they look incredibly chic but and I’ll be honest here: There is not nearly as much space as in a big bag! Then again, do we need that much space? Here is…
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Answering the Top 5 Questions I Get Asked About Becoming a Fashion Blogger

  EN • I receive so many comments, emails or direct messages on all my channels about becoming a fashion blogger. Today I want to answer the top 5 questions to bring some light into the dark. Simultaneously this post is…
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