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  • A Guide to Plan a Photo Shooting in a Flower Field

              EN • Summer is here and  in most places over Europe we can leave our apartments and enjoy the freedom. What’s a better way to enjoy summer than in the nature? I love to do…
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    Sun is up: How to Combine a Long Vest in Summer

    EN • Hands down, when I first saw a summer vest I thought “that’s a quite useless piece”. It does nothing for you, does not keep you warm, is too short to be a dress, and why would you add an…
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    Back on Track: How to Tackle Your Goals of Year

              EN • I am certain that every one of us has or had certain plans for 2020. Maybe you wanted to change your job, ask for a raise, start your own business, loose weight, learn…
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    Take a Ride With Me – My Top 5 Places to Travel After Corona

    EN • Daydreaming is allowed, planning too, and actually taking the trip.. well we will see! Here I am, sitting in my dad’s vintage car, dreaming of a road trip to distant places. Places to travel after Corona. DE • Tagträumen…
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    blue boucle jacket: what to wear on a chilly summer night

        EN • Beginning of the year I wouldn’t have thought that I’d spend the summer in Germany. Last September I moved to Barcelona and was certain, that I’d  spend most of 2020 in the beautiful, vibrant city on the…
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