• Birthday post: Reviewing life once more

    Here’s to 28! EN • This weekend I turned 28 and I feel so happy and thankful for the place I am currently at: content and in balance with the life that I built for myself. I received so much love…
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    Discover the Swiss Alps: Skiing Getaway in Grindelwald

    EN • Imagine driving on a narrow, curvy  mountain road on the right side you have rough mountain walls full of snow. On the left further down the valley is a large lake. This scenario in blue and white just looks magical.…
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    3 Key Pieces to Combine a Casual Winter Outfit in 2022

      EN •  Walks through the frozen winter wonderland are simply beautiful! With a frozen kiss, I kissed the old year goodbye.  The nature surrounding my home town is the perfect place to take a walk and enjoy the silence.…
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    3 Mindful Tips on How to Make 2022 Your Happiest Year Ever

    EN • Here we are again. New year, new chances or what was it like? I think there’s something fresh and promising about the start of a new year. You imagine how the year will go, what you will experience and…
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    Wearing a Sequin Dress to Kick Off the New Year 2022

      EN • Our plans for New Years Eve are like 2021: unexpected. We planned to spend some time in London but then travel restrictions got tightened so we were looking for alternatives: Paris, Geneva or Milano. Finally we decided to…
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