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  • A Perfect Staycation: My Essentials for Sunbathing at Home

      EN • Quarantine hit us hard. In my recent posts I talked about  30 things to do while quarantined at home. It’s been 5 weeks now and home office keeps me busy so far. After work I play my…
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    30 Things to Do When You Are Quarantined at Home

    DE • Das Thema ist in aller Munde. So sehr, dass man es schon fast nicht mehr hören mag. So brisant, dass man es auch nicht ignorieren kann: Corona. Der Virus wütet auf der Welt und betrifft und uns mittlerweile…
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    A Chapter on How to Become More Disciplined

          EN • Spoiler Alert: This is a very personal piece – I am sharing my current debacle and some thoughts about it. You are always welcome to join the discussion. Currently I am figuring out how to…
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    Why You Need to Be Your Strongest Advocate

    EN • There were a couple of events this week that led me to writing this post. One of them was certainly the recommendation of a friend to listen to this TED talk about the skill of self confidence. Another…
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    Andermatt Mountain Guide: Snowboarding in the Swiss Alps

                EN • Spoiler Alert: The Swiss Alps are nothing but a DREAM! Back in January I had the chance to stay two weeks in Switzerland. While I was working in Zürich during the weeks, I…
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