• 8 Best Rooftop Bars in Barcelona – A Luxury Guide

      EN • I’ve been planning this post on the best rooftop bars in Barcelona forever and a day. Actually since before I moved to Barcelona in 2019. Now we have 2021, and I am not living in Barcelona anymore. Since…
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    Wearing Fringes in the Fall Season

    EN • Wearing fringes will make your clothing and style more dynamic, every step you take will be accentuated and every turn will make you flair and be noticed. For being such a traditional form of decorating clothes and fabrics, it is…
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    Current Favourite: The Baguette Bag

      EN • Let’s talk bags. Over the years the trend bag has become smaller and smaller. And now we see many fashionistas carring their baguette bag with pride!  It’s a comeback of an iconic design. At first I thought:…
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    Wearing Yellow: An Homage to the Sun

      EN • Yellow. Sunkissed. Warmth. Light. Positivity. Yellow is a power color and symbolises all these things. Remember when we talked about the Pantone Colors in the beginning of the year? “Illuminating” yellow was one of them and is definitely…
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    10 signs you’re feeling overwhelmed and what to do about it

    EN • I recently moved to Switzerland. A new country that is not in the European Union. This is important to point out because moving from Germany to Spain was easy in comparison to this. Here in Switzerland things function…
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