• Visiting a pumpkin patch in Switzerland

      A day on a pumpkin patch in Switzerland EN • This fall I made it my mission to visit a pumpkin patch. During the last years when I was living in Spain or Germany it was hard to find such…
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    Wearing an Autumn Outfit on a Date Night Out

      EN • Autumn is here and with it the golden days and chilly nights. Here in Switzerland I fully get to enjoy the fall season, a transition time between summer and winter. As there are still very sunny days and…
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    8 Best Rooftop Bars in Barcelona – A Luxury Guide

      EN • I’ve been planning this post on the best rooftop bars in Barcelona forever and a day. Actually since before I moved to Barcelona in 2019. Now we have 2021, and I am not living in Barcelona anymore. Since…
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    Wearing Fringes in the Fall Season

    EN • Wearing fringes will make your clothing and style more dynamic, every step you take will be accentuated and every turn will make you flair and be noticed. For being such a traditional form of decorating clothes and fabrics, it is…
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    Current Favourite: The Baguette Bag

      EN • Let’s talk bags. Over the years the trend bag has become smaller and smaller. And now we see many fashionistas carring their baguette bag with pride!  It’s a comeback of an iconic design. At first I thought:…
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