Business talk: How to Stop Finding Excuses

EN • All these pictures where taken on the rooftop of “La Pedrera” one of the most famous buildings in Barcelona. Like many other sights of Barcelona, this house was built by Gaudi. As you can imagine, we were not the…
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Sunday Morning: What to Wear on a Brunch Date

  EN • Sundays are made for brunch! I think we agree here when I say that brunching is always fun. A brunch date on a Sunday is the perfect start to a slow, relaxed day. A break we need before…
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The Ultimative Oktoberfest Guide

EN • It’s this time of the year again! The “fifth season” is about to start. The Oktoberfest is round the corner and for those of you who still have it on their bucket list, it might be your chance to experience…
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Fall Make-Up You Need to Keep an Eye On This Season

 EN • Although it is probably just as hard for you as it is for me to let the summer go, we are also looking forward to the autumn. I think fall, with all its colours and the slightly cooler…
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Please hold the line – how to deal with transition time

  EN • And then (after a long transition time) it was there: The first day in my new job, the PERFECT new job. With the perfect company, with perfect values in the perfect industry. In a perfect office, with…
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