• 24 Hours in Davos: Waking up in the Alpengold Hotel

        Imagine experiencing the sunset behind a snowy alpine panorama. As the sun goes down the light changes every second from warm orange over purple to light blue which fades into darker shades until the night has arrived.  …
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    All White Winter Outfit – February at the Beach

          EN • The ocean can welcome you in so many different ways. With deep blue stormy waves in winter, or  turquoise calm water in summer. It looks different every time of the day and so it influences your mood…
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    Finca San Rafael Telde: A Lost Villa in Gran Canaria

            Discovering a Lost Villa in Gran Canaria  EN • When I am in Gran Canaria I love to search for new spots to visit. Believe it or not but I’ve spent (all counted together) more than half…
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    Birthday post: Reviewing life once more

    Here’s to 28! EN • This weekend I turned 28 and I feel so happy and thankful for the place I am currently at: content and in balance with the life that I built for myself. I received so much love…
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    Discover the Swiss Alps: Skiing Getaway in Grindelwald

    EN • Imagine driving on a narrow, curvy  mountain road on the right side you have rough mountain walls full of snow. On the left further down the valley is a large lake. This scenario in blue and white just looks magical.…
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