• How to balance a Creative Side Hustle and your 9-5

    EN • Always dreamt of growing your own business while working in your normal 9-5? Get ready for night shifts and over hours! No kidding, if you plan to have a creative side hustle, and want to make it serious in…
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    Color Talk: My All Light Outfit For Winter

    EN • The first question you might ask yourself is… why should I wanna avoid wearing black? So here’s the thing: Every morning when I am walking to work, I see crowds of people walking to their offices. Also, I see…
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    FOMO and the Art of Not Giving a Fuck

      EN • Yes this title sounds a bit harsh at first but keep on reading and discover.. I lately moved to Barcelona. Of course  moving to a new city is super exciting. There are many things you can fill your…
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    After Work With Manuel Dreesmann

      EN • To me after work is before work. Often when I get home from work I sit down to edit pictures, write texts and answer all the emails for MeetMiri. To enjoy the beautiful city of Barcelona, I…
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    New year same me: I break up with New Year’s resolutions

    Bye Bye New Year’s resolution EN • I can remember that I used to have a long list of new year’s resolutions. Over the years this list begun to shrink until there was nothing left. Now you may ask why is…
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