Off the bucket List: San Francisco

EN • Last week was intense to be because it was a week of “fist times”. I saw for the first…
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Pinstripes & Lemon pie

EN • Afternoons at Saint Michaels’ are promising, they are said to do the best pies of Guadalajara. So one Afternoon…
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Go Girl: Yosemite National Park

EN • It was short, breathtaking and simply unforgettable. During my stay in California we took 2 days to explore…
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Minerva Fashion 2017

EN • Yesterday I had the incredible luck to spontaneously experience a runway show the Minerva Fashion 2017 in Guadalajara.…
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Keep it short and simple

EN • Hey lovelies! I hope you are doing alright? I had some great shootings in the last weeks here…
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