Sun is on: Top 10 Epic Summer Activities

EN • Waait what? It’s still spring and she’s already talking about summer? Yes! Good things need time to be planned and so I thought about all the fun things I experienced and others I still want to do. Maybe this…
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From Woman to Woman: 3 Inspiring Biographies

EN • I feel that we live in a time in which information and knowledge is of high importance. Therefore, I dedicate much time of my life to build the career of my dreams. Books are one of my favourite sources…
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5 Surefire Tips To Master Speaking in Public

EN • Last week I had the honour to attend the Global Brand Conference in Berlin. I was invited to speak about my research in the field of marketing. On the way to Berlin I had mixed feelings. On the…
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The #1 Gift to get your mom for mother’s day

DE • Tomorrow on the 12th of May is Mother’s Day, the day we honour our mums a little bit more than usually. I am a fan of honouring my mother every day of the year. However, I want to use this…
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Inspiration from TV: Best dressed movie characters

EN • A little while ago I started watching “Friends from College” on Netflix.  I was blown away from all the cute outfits Sam Delmonico wears throughout the whole series. Well, well I have to confess that I paused the…
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