5 Things you should consider to find the perfect stay

EN • Those of you who have been following me for a while know that I love to travel and I do it whenever I can. I have lived I Mexico and Shanghai, did backpacking in Sri Lanka, Cuba and Bali,…
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How to get ready for Valentine’s Day

    Let’s celebrate love DE • Nun sind es nur noch 9 Tage bis zum Valentinstag. Ich feiere den Tag der Liebe sehr gerne, egal ob ich ihn mit einem Partner oder Freundinnen verbringe. Das besondere am Valentinstag ist, das…
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How to combine a long skirt in winter

EN • In winter when it is super cold outside I’m often tempted to stick to a “pants-only-policy”, just because it seems to be more comfy and warm. Let me tell you, I was wrong!  There are so many lovely…
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A Guide To Surviving A Fancy Formal Dinner

EN • For most people, attending a formal dinner isn’t a fun thing to do. I can totally understand that ! There are unseen dos and don’ts and social protocols you should follow. It all begins with your clothing, which, of…
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Birthday Girl – Here is to 25 and a happy life

EN • Not the beginning of the new year 2019 but my 25th birthday makes me stop for a moment and think about things I have accomplished so far. I really like to look back on everything I have already experienced. Also, I…
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