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  • Summer Activity – Stand Up Paddling in a Lake

    EN • Couple of weeks ago I visited a good friend in Salzburg. If you’re curious to learn more about things to do in Salzburg read this post. We spent one day stand up paddling at the the mountain lake…
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    Midnight in Vienna: Wearing a Light Blue Summer Dress

    EN • And here they are, these warm summer nights. Nights to go out with a dress and a light jacket, to have dinner, have a walk in the streets, sit by the river side with a bottle of vine…
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    Vacay Mode ON: Favourite Things To Do In Salzburg

    EN • I am lucky that I have friends (almost) everywhere. So last weekend I visited my dear friend in her lovely hometown Salzburg. This lovely city is the essence of Austria as the rest oft he world imagines it. Surrounded…
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    Create a Buzz: How to Extend The Reach of Your Blog Post

      EN • Couple of months ago when I opened this category I promised that I would take you with me on my blogger journey. The plan was to share some bits and pieces of things I do (on a…
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    4 Tipps on How to Travel Safely During the Corona Pandemic

    EN • Travelling and Corona are two things that don’t necessarily go well with each other. However as you remember in this post about my top 6 destinations to travel after corona, I fantasised about taking my first trip after…
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