• Fall Fashion Inspiration: All White Outfit

    EN • Last week I left Germany and went back to Spain. Crazy right? Every one was asking if I was sure that I want to move back to Barcelona which is (after all) a corona hotspot… again. I fully…
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    Travel diaries: Experiencing Late Summer in Denmark

      just imagine…   EN • Late Summer in Denmark: Imagine white wooden house surrounded by a large garden of fragrant wild rose bushes. From the veranda you have a view of the vast summer fields of Denmark.  I walked a…
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    Transition Time: 4 Key Pieces I Love to Wear in Fall

    EN • September is here! Can you believe it? As days become shorter and days chillier I slowly start to rearrange my wardrobe to prepare for fall. Today I want to share my 4 key pieces I love to wear in…
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    Calm Down: 6 Simple Ways to Reduce Stress

      EN • The world keeps turning faster and faster. The amount of messages we receive through various channels increases day by day and we are expected to pay full attention to so many things: reply fast, be on time…
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    The Best Summer Hats to Wear in 2020

      EN • As we experiencing a heatwave in Germany I enjoy to spend most of the time outside. Often when I get ready to meet my friends at the lake or to grab food in the city I wear an…
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