• The Comeback of Wide-Legged Jeans in 2023

      EN • The wide-legged jeans trend has been popular in the past, and this year it’s back with a vengeance.  This style of jeans has been around for decades and has continued to evolve over time, making it a…
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    Wearing a Pink Suit in Spring 2023

      EN • As the chill of winter begins to fade away I am making sure to brighten up my spring wardrobe. Consequently  I am wearing a pink suit today! Sure, I am not going to wear it every day…
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    Wearing my long brown Max Mara coat in Spring 2023

      EN • As spring approaches in 2023, it’s time to start thinking about the perfect outerwear to wear for those chilly mornings and evenings but warmer temperatures during the day. I currently love to wear my  long brown Max Mara…
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    March Travel: Top 10 Things To Do in Las Vegas

    EN • Last year I have been lucky enough to visit Las Vegas last year on a business trip. Therefore I can attest that the city truly lives up to its nickname “Sin City”. From the bright lights of the casinos…
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    Elegant Staple Piece: The White Silk Skirt

      EN • I am so looking forward to warmer days! Sure, I enjoy the snow and winter in the mountains of Switzerland but nevertheless I am craving the sun! Recently I made a trip to Gran Canaria. The island has…
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