Here Are My Favourite Coats to Wear in Spring

EN • Spring is here! As temperatures are rising, I am super happy to wear one of my spring coats for the fist time this year. The main reason for this happiness is that I basically run on sun. When the…
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Boss babe with a feminine look

EN • Boss babes are taking over and I am happy to be a part of a generation of empowered women who are dedicated and motivated to build their own empires. There are so many inspiring ladies out there who made…
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5 ways to style animal print in every season

EN • Spring is approaching but you don’t have to let this one go: the animal print. It comes in so many different versions, colours and fabrics. Adding an animal print piece to a rather basic outfit makes the difference.…
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All you need to know about Mom Jeans

EN • The topic of this post is more or less the resolution from a real emergency situation I was in. A couple of  weeks ago, I actually managed to break two of my favourite jeans *RIP!*. In the past I…
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What to Wear to a Wedding in Spring

EN • Happy 1st of March! Slowly but surely spring is coming. Soon, all the flowers will be in bloom, I really can’t wait for it! Simultaneously, the wedding season is coming up. No wonder, cause what is more beautiful than…
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