• Growth mindset: How to stop self-sabotaging

    EN • This piece is about how to stop self-sabotaging. But how come I chose this topic? This morning I watched a reel which started with the sentence “most people are not obsessed with their goals cause they don’t believe they…
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    Best Underwater Photography Tips for Bloggers

     EN • No matter if for Instagram, Pinterst, the blog or  your family album: Underwater pictures are just the next level of vacation photos. A long time I used to struggle to take good underwater photos and to be fair…
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    The 5 Best Things to do in Granada

    EN • Granada is a beautiful city in the region Andalusia in southern Spain at the foot of the famous Sierra Nevada. We spent a day in this beautiful city during our Andalusia vacation. Here are the best things to…
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    Styling my Baseball Cap in Summer 22

    EN • Summer is here and with it the hot hot temperatures. Since I last posted it has been a while – I experienced too many things and simply needed a little blog break. But here I am again back with…
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    An Unforgettable Experience with Elephant Nature Park

            EN • And then I suddenly heard trumpets and trampling in the jungle. On the dirt road I was alone just a moment ago I felt the vibrations of running elephants. The anticipation of meeting these beautiful…
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