The Ultimative Vintage Shopping Guide

  EN • Do you remember these boots I wore in Madrid? Let me tell you a story about them. I first saw them online, but not in the normal kind of online shop. They were unique and only available once. It…
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5 Ways How You Can Give Back to the Community

Share Water! bath with a friend? EN • No, today’s post is not about bathing with a friend. Today I want to talk about the #raiseitforward initiative on Instagram and other great ways to give back to the community. Earlier this…
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5 Staples you need to have in your spring wardrobe

EN • Spring has sprung and with it came the nice weather! Of course, we want to spend all our free time in the sun. While I was busy making plans for the next weeks, it got me thinking which pieces…
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All brown everything: Going for that monochromatic look

EN • Monochromatic outfits are trending right now. I have to say, that’s a trend I can get used to. To be honest, before that dressing in just one color had not really been on my agenda. But it totally…
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From the idea to the final picture

EN • Let’s do some blogger talk! This post is the first one of the new category called “Blogger Tales”. I often get asked all kinds of questions about being a blogger. When I was starting out I had these…
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