• My Favourite Spots for Christmas Shopping in London

        EN • I will come back very soon I promised myself the last time I visited London. Back then I was 14 and in love with chocolate brownies. I remember that I visited the city with my parents…
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    Weekend Getaway: A Luxury Spa Experience in Switzerland

      EN • Imagine you are lying in a warm, bubbling whirlpool, breathing in fresh mountain air and having a view of a breathtaking mountain landscape. It’s one of those moments when you feel pure happiness and want to hug…
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    Walking with Alpacas through Switzerland

      EN • Last weekend my mum came to visit me in Switzerland and while I was brainstorming what we could do I found the Alpakahof Zürich. There you can book slots to take their alpacas for a walk. I never…
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    Wearing High Waisted Jeans All Year Round

    EN • It’s style seven week again and todays topic is our favourite denim: My favourite denim piece are definitely the high waisted jeans / mom jeans. Blue jeans are comfy, if they fit well you can wear them for hours. In…
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    Happy Halloween: Sharing Our Pumpkin Carving Ideas

        EN • Halloween is in Europe definitely not such as big thing as in America. You will find some Halloween parties, some kids doing “trick or treat” and few and far between themed decorations. When I came from…
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