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  • Baby Steps Toward More Sustainability in Fashion

       EN • The year 2020 definitely caught us by surprise. After new year we made big plans celebrating a new decade. However all the travel plans got cancelled, we had to stay at home and the whole world was facing…
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    4 Tips on How to Stay Productive in Home Office

      EN • Working in the IT industry days can be pretty packed. Before corona I had perfect days at the office: a right mix of having conversations with business partners, face to face meetings with colleagues and coffee breaks. Now…
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    Why now is (still) the right time to start a blog in 2020

    EN • Recently I inspired a friend to pursue her dream to start a blog. Guess what? She loves it already. While the masses focus on social media platforms such as Instagram, TikTok and so on, you might think that blogs had…
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    Hello May! Wearing Pastel Tones in Spring

    I’ve always had a weak spot for light colours, I think wearing pastel tones in Spring is the perfect start to a new, warm season. Wear lilac or rosé to create a feminine look, white and beige tones to add…
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    Quarantini: 3 Great Recipes for an After Work Drink at Home

    EN • In Barcelona I used to go to bars and cafés after work. There I would meet up my colleagues or other friends for a drink or dinner. Rooftop bars are my favourite and I can’t wait till they…
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