• A Guide To Surviving A Fancy Formal Dinner

    EN • For most people, attending a formal dinner isn’t a fun thing to do. I can totally understand that ! There are unseen dos and don’ts and social protocols you should follow. It all begins with your clothing, which, of…
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    Birthday Girl – Here is to 25 and a happy life

    EN • Not the beginning of the new year 2019 but my 25th birthday makes me stop for a moment and think about things I have accomplished so far. I really like to look back on everything I have already experienced. Also, I…
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    Paris in Winter: What to Do and Where to Go

        EN • I’ve been back from Paris for two weeks now and I like to think about this amazing trip. You might think that there is not much to do in Paris in Winter. But actually there is a…
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    3 essential habits to a better time management

      EN • Lately my days have become more intense. This is partly due to growing tasks for my social media and my blog but also because I finished my studies and start working life. Of course, I also want to…
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    How to Master the Blazer and Belt Look

      EN • This look comes fresh from Paris – I had an amazing time there and was able to shoot some of my favourite looks. Among them is definitely this blazer and belt combination. So this post is all…
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