• Why You Need to Be Your Strongest Advocate

    EN • There were a couple of events this week that led me to writing this post. One of them was certainly the recommendation of a friend to listen to this TED talk about the skill of self confidence. Another…
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    Andermatt Mountain Guide: Snowboarding in the Swiss Alps

                EN • Spoiler Alert: The Swiss Alps are nothing but a DREAM! Back in January I had the chance to stay two weeks in Switzerland. While I was working in Zürich during the weeks, I…
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    Top 5 Affordable Online Shops to Love in 2020

        EN • The struggle is real: As career oriented working women there are evenings when you’re even too tired to go grocery shopping. Based on this fact, preferences on how to spend the little free time that’s left…
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    How I Styled my Khaki Parker in Winter

    EN • Hello from Barcelona! after my trip to Switzerland I enjoy the mild temperatures here in Spain. I look forward to get back to my spring outfits. However the time is just not right (yet). There are still some very…
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    Luxury in Switzerland: Visit Zürich in Winter

      EN • I spent the past two weeks in Zürich on a business trip. While I was occupied with my job during the weekdays, I tried to use my free time in the evenings and the weekend to discover more…
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