• October Update // The Yellow Maxi Dress

    October Update EN • October is here and it’s going to be a busy month. In the beginning of the month there is the German Oktoberfest in various cities. I decided to visit the traditional one in Munich and another big…
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    Mixed Pattern: The Coat-Skirt-Combo

         EN • These days I can not really tell if its hot or cold outside. At times the sun is shining but it is freezing or it’s cloudy but the temperature is quite high. So I invented my very own skirt…
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    How to combine that white Blazer

    EN • There is a white blazer in almost every closet, and sometimes I wonder if there are more creative ways to combine it apart from pairing it with some blue or black jeans and a casual tee. As I am…
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    Black and White: The Polka Dot Culotte

    EN • Oh dear! We have seen this one everywhere this season: The polkadot! To be honest, I can’t get enough of it – it’s just too classy to get boring any time soon. I just loved the black and…
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    Flouncy, floral mini dress you need to have this summer

    EN • Time flies by so fast! It’s already mid-july and currently I am trying to do both: Getting my master thesis finished by the end of September and enjoying the summer with my loved ones to the fullest. Of…
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