• The Best Summer Hats to Wear in 2020

      EN • As we experiencing a heatwave in Germany I enjoy to spend most of the time outside. Often when I get ready to meet my friends at the lake or to grab food in the city I wear an…
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    Social Media Fasting – Here is My Conclusion

    EN • On a daily basis my phone was sending my the stats and they weren’t looking good. I spent 8+ hours a day on my phone. Most of the time with social media apps such as Instagram and WhatsApp. I feel…
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    Travel Diaries: Walhalla and Liberation Hall

              EN • Last weekend a friend of mine and me took a trip to visit the Walhalla in Donaustauf, south Germany. This impressive monument (in the middle of nowhere) has been on my bucket list for…
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    Positive Things I Experienced because of Corona

      EN • Yesterday I explained my 9 year old cousin that everything in life is a matter of perspective. It is always your own choice if you want to focus on the positive or the negative things in life. As…
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    Summer Activity – Stand Up Paddling in a Lake

    EN • Couple of weeks ago I visited a good friend in Salzburg. If you’re curious to learn more about things to do in Salzburg read this post. We spent one day stand up paddling at the the mountain lake…
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