• 11 Things to Make Your Home More Cozy in Winter

          EN • Winter is the time when you want to spend as little time as possible outside. It is the time to snuggle up, drink tea, watch movies, or take a bath. So after work when I get…
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    Surfing in Fuerteventura: My Adventure in November

      EN • I guess this is one of the best Novembers I’ve ever experienced in my life. Beginning of the month I spent a long weekend surfing in Fuerteventura. I mean… we are already blessed with sunny but chilly…
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    Busy Bee – The Best Business Outfits in Oktober

    DE • Wow it’s the 24th of October already, that means there are only 10 days of this beautiful, golden month left. Also it means that I started my working life 6 weeks ago. I really enjoy the corporate life, as our…
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    All Brown Everything: Monochromatic Autumn Outfit

    EN • Fall is here and we find ourself unpacking our coats, boots, scarves and gloves while storing away our shorts, bikinis and crop tops. As the summer is over and the days become more chilly. It’s always tempting to…
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    Business talk: How to Stop Finding Excuses

    EN • All these pictures where taken on the rooftop of “La Pedrera” one of the most famous buildings in Barcelona. Like many other sights of Barcelona, this house was built by Gaudi. As you can imagine, we were not the…
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