• Affair of the Heart: Body Shaming

    EN • As summer goes on one thing is definite: We love to show skin: on the beach, at the lake or at the pool. We love to wear low cut shirts and short dresses, don’t we? Wait, did I say…
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    Keeping That Vibe Alive: The Tie Dye Dress

    EN • Depending on the color and pattern, tie dye can look beautiful and elegant, or just shrill and inappropriate. And that’s exactly why I like this pattern so much. It is difficult to find just the right piece that is…
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    Cycling Shorts Trend: A Day in the City

    EN • Some like them, others hate them: cycling shorts. When I discovered the cycling shorts trend by the end of last year, I was not very enthusiastic. Let me tell you, over time I started to enjoy this trend to…
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    Game changer: Statement earrings

    EN • You see them everywhere, in movies, series and on Instagram: Statement Earrings. Of course, they come in every color and shape and are just THE perfect accessory make, guess what, a Statement!  I love to use eye-catching statement…
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    Comparisons: Motivation or Thief of Joy ?

      EN • “Comparison is the thief of joy” a friend told me yesterday on the phone. We talked about applying and jobs and life opportunities. We found that we tend to compare ourselves to others who are the same age.…
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