• 5 Lovely Cafes in Barcelona you don’t want to miss

    EN • Hello lovelies, those who follow me on Instagram know, that I spent the last month in Barcelona. My boyfriend lives there and I wanted to figure out, if I could imagine to live there permanently. So I was working…
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    How I styled my vintage denim jacket

    EN • This vintage denim jacket was my first pick on a flea market in 2018. I just couldn’t stand the thought of wearing my winter coat in Barcelona every day! So I was searching for a light jacket which…
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    Black ‘nd Blue: Velvet Boots and a Ruffled Sweater

    Keep the Velvet Boots on! EN • Good news spreads fast! Next week (on the 20th of March) it becomes official: Spring is on its way! Although it is hard to believe… in some places, it is still freeeeezing! Fortunately Barcelona…
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    My Fenty Beauty Essentials

    EN • Hello Lovelies! I hope you are doing great these days! Recently I have enjoyed my life Barcelona to the fullest. Its been a little more over two weeks now that I have arrived and I still can’t get…
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    Message on a Shirt

    EN • Lately I am really into wearing shirts with a message. Its a perfect way to express your current mood or make a statement. With shirts that say “happy” or “sun kissed” you can spread your positivity. Others express subjects you…
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