• Symmetric squares: The straight pattern dress

    EN • Hey you all, I hope you had a good week so far and enjoyed the weekend. I spent most of my time learning for the upcoming exams, creating scripts and preparing a presentation for the next week. Since I…
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    How to combine the Black Lace Skirt

    EN • Hey guys! Its been a month now since we had our wonderful trip to Rome and I fondly remember it. The tiny side streets, the amazing food and the impressive monuments were just too good to be true! Now I…
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    Panna Cotta : for dessert-lovers only

    EN • Hello loves! Can’t stand the heat? This yummy dessert will give your oven the day off! Lately I discovered a new and more light version of my favorite dessert Panna Cotta. Today I’d love to share a super…
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    Sassy Stripes: The Ultimative Garden Party Outfit

    EN • Hello guys! I hope you had a super nice weekend and started well to the week! I had a very scheduled but wonderful weekend. Since I will soon be going abroad for some time, I right now really enjoy seeing…
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    Berries & Chocolate Tarte

    EN • Now and then I really like to bake cakes or cupcakes. Of course I like also trying new things. This deliciousChocolate Tarte was made for a very special birthday. The birthday of my grandfather. Since this cake looks…
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