• Buongiorno Italy – Visiting Milan in Winter

      EN • Last weekend was too much fun:I  got away for three days. My destination was Milan. Those three days were full of strolling through the city to visit all the beautiful places. Of course I also went shopping. This time…
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    Free the stage: Red patent leather pants

    EN • Free the stage for the Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping bargains. The Christmas shopping season has started. And therefore its the perfect time to wear my christmassy red patent leather pants once again. I like particularly this time of…
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    How I styled my black and white aviator jacket

    EN • We know them all. Those days you just can not decide what to wear. Then the yellow pullover is too bight, the khaki skirt is far too triste, the red dress seems to be too offensive and you are…
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    November Getaway: Barcelona Travel Guide

    EN • The struggle is real: Germany is really getting cold right now. Fortunately I had a solution to this problem. Beginning of November, I decided spontaneous to fly to Barcelona in order to catch the last sunbeams before the winter arrives…
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