• Christmas Blogger Advent Calendar 2022

            EN • (AD) Wow how fast did this year go by? And now it’s December and we’re looking forward to Christmas. And many of us do that with an advent calendar. This year I’m taking part in…
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    Ca Na Toneta : A Mallorquin Gourmet Experience

      EN • Beginning of October we spent a long weekend to Mallorca. We had rented a beautiful finca with a pool and garden in the country side with a couple of friends. It was amazing and much needed to…
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    Growth mindset: How to stop self-sabotaging

    EN • This piece is about how to stop self-sabotaging. But how come I chose this topic? This morning I watched a reel which started with the sentence “most people are not obsessed with their goals cause they don’t believe they…
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    Best Underwater Photography Tips for Bloggers

     EN • No matter if for Instagram, Pinterst, the blog or  your family album: Underwater pictures are just the next level of vacation photos. A long time I used to struggle to take good underwater photos and to be fair…
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    The 5 Best Things to do in Granada

    EN • Granada is a beautiful city in the region Andalusia in southern Spain at the foot of the famous Sierra Nevada. We spent a day in this beautiful city during our Andalusia vacation. Here are the best things to…
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